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Conservatory Program

The Conservatory Program at MMAC offers dedicated students committed to achieving technical and artistic prowess the unique opportunity to train under professional instruction

in a skill-based progressional program.  Students age 8-18 benefit from a thorough exposure to the art of ballet through their study of technique, pointework, historical context, conditioning, and performance.

What makes MMAC special?
* Progressing Ballet Technique classes are offered only at MMAC
* Master Stretch classes are offered only at MMAC

* Skill-based evaluations ensure your dancer is placed appropriately to support healthy development

* Classes follow a curriculum including conditioning, ballet technique, and contemporary
modern technique

* Your instructor holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and somatic movement The Alexander Technique

and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography

* We hold classes in two beautiful locations in Moscow ready to accommodate classes of any size leaving

no risk for class cancellation


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Primary Ballet

This class is designed to build a strong foundation to support future development as a dancer and expressive individual can emerge.  The driving themes of the pre-conservatory curriculum are learning ballet class etiquette, positions of the body, musicality, and coordination.  

Level 1

Dancers are introduced to barre work with an emphasis on a functional anatomical understanding of turn-out, positions of the arms, and increased proprioception. Level 1 classes students benefit from the study of classical technique paired with Progressing Ballet Technique to improve body understanding and support safe and healthy development.  A traditional class format of barre, center, and moving through space can be expected on a regular basis with Level 1 dancers.

Conservatory I students take:
* Ballet 1B
* Progressing Ballet Technique
In the upper division of Level 1, dancers are typically between the ages of 8-12 years, and have some ballet experience. However, please note that age is not intended to be a guiding force in registration choices, as all dancers develop at their own rate.  If you have any questions about this, please be in touch for personalized recommendations. Dancers in this group are eager to learn more about the basics of ballet and focus on solidifying the foundational concepts and movements of the art form.  An evaluation of strength and alignment will precede approval for pointework, as well as an evaluation of bone growth to be mindful of dancer preparedness.
Conservatory II students take:
* Two ballet technique classes
* Progressing Ballet Technique
* PrePointe (approval required)

Level 2

Level 2 is comprised of dedicated dancers committed to enhancing their knowledge of basic ballet technique as they grow their personal artistry and expression.  As a dancer demonstrates physical and mental maturity paired with physical assessment, select dancers may earn their first pair of Pointe Shoes at this level.
Conservatory I students take:
* Two 1.5 hour ballet technique classes per week
* Progressing Ballet Technique
* PrePointe (en pointe)
* Pointe I

In the upper division of Level 2, experienced dancers have the opportunity to build upon their foundational knowledge of the basics and advance skills with complexity and artistry.  Dancers enjoy a more intensive training regime which includes ballet technique, pointe, PBT and Contemporary.
Conservatory II students take:
* 4 hours of ballet technique classes per week

* Progressing Ballet Technique
* 2 pointe classes per week

Frequently Asked Questions

I am only interested in some of the Conservatory classes--can I do the part of the program?

MMAC's curriculum is designed to be taken as a whole, with each level supplying unique and vital information to the corresponding level of development.  Each level functions as cohort and therefore ensures the safety of our students while also stabilizing the quality of the program and student experience.

What level should I enroll my student in?

MMAC utilizes a combination of evaluative measures to support student placement including age, physical/emotional/mental maturity, and skill-based assessment.  If you are interested in joining MMAC, please be in touch to schedule your placement class.

I have an older student who has never danced before but is interested in beginning.  Is it too late?

Absolutely not!  There is a place in the dance world for any student of any age and we are here to help you create a plan of study that will support you/your student's progress.  If you feel this applies to you or your budding dancer, please be in touch and we will personalize a plan that meets your needs.