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Pre-conservatory classes are primary classes designed for those looking to discover and grow in a fun and stimulating environment.  For children ages 4-8, creative movement and basic ballet principles are utilized to establish classroom etiquette and a positive foundation conducive to learning and artistry. 

What makes MMAC special?
* Foundational technique is approached in a creative and engaging manner
* Lessons are student-centered emphasizing process while welcoming all levels of curiosity
* Progressing Ballet Technique is only offered at MMAC
* Your instructor holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and somatic movement The Alexander Technique
and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography


Creative Movement is an entry-level class for both boys and girls in which dancers will explore of music, rhythm, movement, and play. Dancers will learn basic ballet/jazz principles and an environment that stimulates and encourages cognitive development through color, noise, shape, counting, and choice-making. Students in this class enjoy the freedom of unfiltered expression while becoming familiar with a dance class structure to support their transition as they progress.


This class is designed to build a strong foundation to support future development as a dancer and expressive individual can emerge. The driving themes of the pre-conservatory curriculum are learning ballet class etiquette, positions of the body, musicality, and coordination.



This is the all-ages entry-level class for any student interested in the many benefits of PBT--NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Students will focus on engaging and activating deep muscles groups of the lower limb, upper limb, back, and core. A healthy portion of this class is taught on the mat with sensitivity to joints as students experience a total body ballet warm-up from the inside out. Emphasis is placed on anatomically sound principles of movement rooted in healthy practice and disguised in a fun and innovative program.