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Fall Term (4 months) August 15 - Dec. 17, 2022

Spring Term (5 months) January 9 - June 3, 2023

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Entry Level

Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet

Entry Level Pre-Ballet classes are primary classes designed for those looking to discover and grow in a fun and stimulating environment. For children ages 4-8, creative movement and basic ballet principles are utilized to establish classroom etiquette and a positive foundation conducive to learning and artistry.

Creative Movement (Tuesdays/performing)
Creative Movement (Saturdays/non-performing)
Primary Ballet (Tuesdays/age 6-8)
Primary Ballet (Fridays/age 9-12)

Level 1

In Level 1A, dancers are introduced to barre work with an emphasis on an anatomical understanding of turn-out, positions of the arms, and increased proprioception. PBT is taken in tandem to ensure mechanical body understanding (i.e. how to initiate and work the proper muscle groups to support efficient and safe deployment) while building strength.

In Level 1B, dancers are typically between the ages of 8-12 years, and have some ballet experience. Dancers in this group are eager to learn more about the basics of ballet and focus on solidifying the foundational concepts and movements of the art form. This is an important age for dancer development as bodies are changing and special attention is required to safely progress without risk of injury. 

At this stage, increasing in-class time is critical to supporting the necessary conditioning for a dancer's transition to pointework, more advanced technical study, and protecting the wellness of developing bones, joints, and ligaments. PrePointe conditioning will take place at the end of Ballet 1B throughout the year. An evaluation of strength as well as standing and functional alignment will precede approval for pointework. Bone growth will also be considered to be mindful of a dancer's physical preparedness. Evaluations are conducted at the conclusion of each semester during 1B class time, or by appointment.

Level 1A weekly schedule includes:

* 1 Ballet Technique class

* 1 Progressing Ballet Technique class

2.25 hours per week/10 hours per month


Level 1B weekly schedule includes:

* 2 Ballet Technique classes

* 1 Progressing Ballet Technique class

* Pre-Pointe (upon invitation)

3.75 hours per week/15 hours per month


Level 2

Level 2 dancers are committed to enhancing their knowledge of intermediate ballet technique as they grow in personal artistry and expression. As a dancer demonstrates physical and mental maturity paired with physical assessment, they may earn their first pair of pointe shoes at the commencement of transitioning to 2B.               

In the upper division of Level 2, experienced dancers have the opportunity to build upon their foundational knowledge of the basics and advance skills with more complexity and artistry. Dancers enjoy a more intensive training regime which includes ballet technique, pointe, PBT and Contemporary. At this level of study, all dancers (male or female) interested in the pursuit of pointework have begun this journey and must be enrolled in 3 technique classes in order to support their safe and consistent rate of progression.                  

Level 2A students take: 

* 2 Ballet Technique classes

* 1 Progressing Ballet Technique class

* 1 Pointe class

* 1 Elective class (i.e. Leaps & Turns, Contempo, etc.)
5.5 hours per week/22 hours per month


Level 2B students take: 

* 3 Ballet Technique classes

* 1 Progressing Ballet Technique class

* 2 Pointe classes

*  1 Elective class (i.e. Leaps & Turns, Contempo, etc.)
8.25 hours per week/33 hours per month


Level 3

Level  3 dancers are committed to expanding their technical prowess, sharpening their performance skills while learning new ones, reaching their pas de deux goals, and moving into the next phase of their training. As a dancer demonstrates physical and emotional maturity, new and personalized challenges are set forth and a rate unique to each student. A dancer may choose to explore YGAP at this level.                  
                                                                          Level 3 students take:

* 4 ballet technique classes per week

* 1 Progressing Ballet Technique

* 3 Pointe classes per week
* Elective courses as desired
Recreational (7hrs wk/28hrs mo)
Conservatory (unlimited)

Contemporary with Miss Sam

Contemporary I is an excellent class for the dancer curious about personal expression, improvisation, floor work, group work, different rhythmic explorations and choreography. 

1 hour per week/4 hours per month

Progressing Ballet Technique

1 hour per week/4 hours per month

Required Equipment

Available on Amazon or locally at Big 5, Walmart, and Target:

     * Exercise Ball (sized according to personal height)

     * Fit Ball (9")

Available through MMAC:

     * 9 foot (end-end) Theraband 

9 foot Theraband

Adult Classes

Adult classes can be taken in-person or online and presently accommodate students in the age range of 19-78! Online students zoom in from Idaho, Washington, California, and Texas to come together in a virtual classroom and celebrate our mutual love of technique and wellness through our commitment to self-discovery and moving with decreased pain and increased longevity.

Ballet Flow

Private Lessons

60-minute (x2)

Please note that age is not intended to be a singular guiding force in registration, as all dancers develop on a personal timeline. If you have questions about what may be the best fit for you or your dancer, email us for a personalized enrollment recommendation

2022 - 2023 Schedule of Events

Happenings not to be missed in the weeks ahead!


Aug 12

NEW STUDENT Early Bird Registration Deadline

Pay $0 Annual Registration Fee when registered by 5pm on Friday, August 12th! If you enroll in a schedule by the deadline and must later make changes during Wiggle Week (September 6th-10th), you will still benefit from the discount.


Aug 15



Aug 20

AUDITION for The Nutcracker

Wiggle Week

Aug 22-26


Wiggle Week is devoted to giving families the time necessary to make changes to their dancer's schedule, purchase dancewear, make carpooling arrangements and/or any other preparatory measures to alleviate stress or pressure as the semester unfolds.
NOTE: Jandi, the owner of Dance In Motion Boutique in Pullman, WA will be in store Friday August 26th 2pm-6pm specifically to fit any MMAC dancer in need of gear. Please contact MMAC's Director for more information.

Week of

Aug 29-
Sept 2

Bring a Friend Week

Bring a Friend to try class with you and earn a $10 credit if they enroll


Nov 12

Travel the Land of Sweets

Join MMAC dancers and families at the 1912 Center to travel through the Land of Sweets and try your luck at Mother Ginger's Cakewalk, have your picture taken with the Sugar Plum Fairy, take part in Drosselmeyer's Gift Exchange and so much more. FREE to attend and raffle tickets to play games are $1 ea. All proceeds are dedicated to the production of The Nutcracker on
Dec. 17th 2pm & 7pm

Fall Break

Nov 21-25



Dec 17

The Nutcracker at the Hartung Theatre

Winter Break

Dec 18-Jan 9



Jan 9



Jan 16




Feb 20


President's Day

Spring Break

Mar 13-17



May 29


Memorial Day


June 4

MMAC's 2022 Spring Production 

Join us for our end-of-year performance to celebrate our students and their hard work


June 5 - July 17


Summer Camps

July 17-28

Join us for MMAC Summer Dance Camps 2023

Attend classes with guest artists from across the west coast while learning original repertoire and making new dance friends!